Blue Feather Reflexology

Classic Foot Reflexology

Classic Foot Reflexology
  • Package Special – 3 Hour Sessions $150
  • One Hour Foot Reflexology $60
  • 30 Minutes Foot Reflexology $35

Reflexology is based on the idea that there is an image of the whole body on the soles of the feet, so that each organ, muscle, and joint of the body has a reflex area on the foot. The reflexes are aligned in a ordered way. The toes represent the head and neck. The ball of the foot relates to the lungs and chest. The soft arch of the foot connects to the soft belly and all the digestive organs. The boney heel represents the boney pelvis. The left foot contains the reflexes of the left side of the body and the right foot relates to the right side.
The feet have a special relationship with the brain because each foot has about 7,000 nerve endings which are constantly analyzing the surface it is walking on and relaying that information to the brain. If the foot senses uneven surface, it shoots that data to the brain which processes and sends back instructions with which muscles to flex or release and how to shift the body’s weight so that you don’t fall. This process happens in a micro-second. And what is between your feet and brain? Your whole body!

Blue Feather Reflexology practices Ingham method that was developed in America in the 1930′s as a method for drug-free pain control. By pressing on the reflex areas with a gently pulsing “thumbwalking” technique the related body part can be stimulated to ease pain and promote the body’s natural self-healing process. As I am performing reflexology, you may notice tender areas of the foot which is the way your body speaks speaks through your feet. You may also note sensations in your body as various organs or muscles are stimulated reflexively. Likewise, I can feel differences in the tissue of the foot which also give me clues about your body as a whole.

What can I expect during a Western foot reflexology session?
You remove your shoes and socks and lay down in a comfortable chair or massage table with a warm blanket if you like. We chat a little bit to identify what goals you have for the session and so I can answer any questions you have about reflexology. I start with some flowing moves to warm your feet up and get them loosened, then I work on each foot, one at a time, using my thumb and fingers to press on specific points all across your feet and ankles. During this work, you may feel that some areas of your feet are more tender than others, but you should never experience pain. Many clients experience deep relaxation and some even begin to dream or enter a meditative state. You may feel a tingling or warm sensation in various parts of your body as I work on the reflexive point on your foot. You may feel tension in your neck, shoulders, or back releasing. This focused work on the muscles, tendons and joints of the feet often result in clients stating how great their feet feel after the session ends.